'Simplicity is not the beginner's hallmark, it's the master's hard-won stamp'
Godfried Bomans

You are stressed.

  • You suffer from uncontrolled processes
  • It's unclear who's responsible for what and when
  • This is causing frustrations but mostly wastes and unnecessary costs
  • Such that you regularly have high blood pressure

EAT. Why should you have an appetite for us?

Empowering growth

All our services are focussed on your economic growth as well as sharing knowledge and strengthening of competences.

Assured partnership

You can rely on support evolved from long term business and life experience and a proven track record within the advisory and logistic industry.

Taking challenges


The world is complicated enough.
We use a simple, structured method to identify and tackle gaps in your process.
Allowing you to eliminate wastes, reduce costs, increase awareness and ownership, improve cooperation and strengthen your distinctiveness.


All while having fun!

ACT. This is what we love to serve you!



  • Board room
  • Higher and Middle Management
  • Possible on hourly basis



  • C-level Executives
  • Managers and Team members
  • Possible on hourly basis



  • Customer specific
  • Minimum time slot of 2 hours
  • Excluding preparations

Work smarter, not harder!

INVEST. (you can earn it back anyway)

Nothing is free in this world, except for the sun.

We keep it simple. This is what we charge you.

  • We apply flexible rates between €75 and €175 per hour, depending on type and duration of assignment
  • Despite we are Dutch, travel cost within the Netherlands is our treat. Because we  our customers!
  • All amounts are excluding Dutch Value Added Tax (BTW) and must be paid within 30 days from invoice date